I am passionate about business and the people who to take the time and trouble to start them. It is life transforming and those who make a success of it never look back.

I started my first business in 1979 in Cambridge, United Kingdom and went on to start many others including the British software company Accountz, now in its 14th year and supplying not only the UK and Europe but also USA, Australia, South Africa and Canada.

My book Step by Step Marketing describes the processes and actions I took to grow my businesses and in particular Accountz.

Each chapter takes you through the process from getting your mindset right and writing a proper mission statement, to hands-on marketing tactics and strategies you can apply to your own business.

The thing that keeps me motivated is helping people become successful both in their business and their personal lives.

I have talked with and helped thousands of business owners over the years, through direct calls, seminars, workshops, books, coaching and consulting.

If you feel stuck and need some help, connect with me on LinkedIn.

Quentin Pain
United Kingdom